I recently joined the Aureus Group to direct the recruitment and placement of highly qualified, upper management and administrative candidates in the accounting/finance and Health Care Administration sectors. I work with skilled individuals by helping them market their unique skills and abilities. I have been actively involved in the private business sector as both an owner and entrepreneur in the Omaha area for the past 25+ years. I also bring very valuable experience from the finance and investment industry. My goal and passion is to help you achieve a level of professional satisfaction that provides you with a standard of living and a quality of life you desire. It will be my privilege to assist you in this endeavor.Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 10.55.19 AMDedric is one of the original founders of Second Nature (dba for Green Recycling Enterprises) and has served in the capacity as President since its inception. He has been responsible for creating and establishing markets throughout the State of Nebraska as well as securing host events and sponsors for the project . During his tenure, Dedric has presided over the expansion of Second Nature’s entry into the municipal, public and Convenience store/private markets and formed alliances with Governmental agencies such as the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, the Nebraska State Recycling Association and the Nebraska Environmental Trust. He continues to expand the potential markets available to Second Nature through the help of his many contacts and prior business associates. It is truly a worthwhile project that enlists the public support, private sector and corporate/governmental agencies to help support the environment through recycling.




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